• In a lawsuit over conspiracy and malicious prosecution, a Cook County circuit judge honored a joint defense doctrine that rendered the information discussed between two defendants as privileged. The problem, however, is that no such doctrine formally existed in Illinois until now.
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  • Trial Notebook

    Modernizing Illinois law on tortious interference with the right to bury or cremate a dead relative’s remains, the Illinois Supreme Court revisited the long-running confusion about liability for emotional distress, including its subsequently corrected misstep in Siemieniec v. Lutheran General Hospital, 117 Ill. 2d 230 (1987).
  • Front Lines of Family Law

    On Nov. 30, the Illinois Supreme Court, in In re Marriage of Christine Goesel and Andrew Goesel, 2017 IL 122046 (2017), held that earned attorney fees — as in fees received for actual services rendered — are not “available” for turnover, or disgorgement, pursuant to a petition for interim attorney fees brought under Section 5/501(c-1) of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and, thus, resolving a contentious split in the circuits.
  • Prosecution and Procedure

    When a criminal defendant challenges his conviction on direct appeal, arguing that the state failed to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard of review for the appellate court is as follows: When viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the state, could any rationale trier of fact find the essential elements of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Sole Speak

    Although Facebook and other social media sites are useful tools to boost the sole practitioner’s legal profile, casual and unfiltered use of those platforms can lead to disciplinary issues.
  • Workplace Issues

    Perhaps the most difficult task in evaluating disability benefit claims is assessing the weight to be given to subjective symptoms.
  • Federal Courts

    Today’s case is a 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision involving an explanation of the applicability of Title 9, Arbitration, 9 U.S.C. Section 10(a)(3). That statute allows the U.S. District Court to vacate an arbitration award for arbitrator’s misconduct in refusing to hear evidence material to the controversy where the arbitrator refused to order a deposition be taken.
    Sporting Judgment

  • LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Russia has been banned from competing at the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics, a prospect that President Vladimir Putin had previously warned would be humiliating for his country. — Free read
  • Lex Sportiva

    In a decision that may mark the end of the North American Soccer League, on Nov. 4, a New York federal judge denied the NASL’s request for a mandatory injunction granting it Division II status in its antitrust suit against the United States Soccer Federation.
  • The Power of Lifting

    Recently on social media, we have seen more and more individuals posting messages about 30-day challenges or other programs. CrossFit and other fitness programs continue to be popular.
  • Non-Billable Hours
  • Non-Billable Hours

    In “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” as in every war, there are heart-wrenching casualties, unexpected alliances and collateral damage.

  • NEW YORK — New York collects sales tax on even the smallest items, but it probably won’t collect a cent on a nearly half-billion dollar painting by Leonardo da Vinci. — Free read
  • Opening Statement

    If you have been one of the many theatergoers who have been around Chicago’s local theater scene since its re-emergence in early 1970s, you should appreciate Steppenwolf Theatre’s current play, “The Minutes,” written by Tracy Letts and directed by Anna D. Shapiro about a strange city council meeting in the fictional town of Big Cherry, somewhere in middle America.
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